Video game shows how starling flocks protect themselves

77821 minutes ago
Murmuration--the pulsing flight patterns seen in starling flocks--serve to protect the birds from flying predators according to research using simulated flocks. Learn more:

Music x Technology: Childish Gambino

14325 minutes ago
Gambino approached Microsoft with his bold vision to create a new world for his latest release, “Awaken, My Love!”. Childish Gambino wanted to create a virtual world that would blend the physical a...

@jehovahsays - Streaming Live & Programming Code

02 hours ago
Programming Computer Language Programming Computer Web Server Programming Computer Website Programming Computer Network Observing Computer Networking Data Analytics Visualizations Learning ...

Salangpur Live Darshan

263 hours ago
Salangpur Live Darshan

Wearable robots make walking easier

2203 hours ago
A lightweight textile exosuit reduces the energy needed to walk by nearly a quarter and could be used to assist elderly people or stop soldiers tiring. Read more:

Reliance Jio Free Till 30th June 2017? Latest Reports - My Opinions

456383 hours ago
Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse Reliance Jio ke baare mein baat ki hai. Latest Reports aa rahi hai dosto ki Reliance jio 30th June 2017 tak Happy New Year Offer ko extend kar sakta hai. ...

UCL model of the UK energy system explained - UKTM (UK Times Model)

663 hours ago
Researchers at the UCL Energy Institute have been working to build a computer model called the UK Times (UKTM) Model that maps the complex UK Energy System. UKTM will help us plan how to meet gov...

Galaxy S8 Rumours 2017: Samsung's Galaxy S8 already looks fine!

3203 hours ago
Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours, leaks and comparison vs Galaxy S7: Many Galaxy S8 rumours (or 'rumors' for our US viewers) and leaks have shown off Samsung's 2017 flagship ahead of its launch, including...

1/19/2017 -- Dutchsinse viewer mail + packages UNBOXING -- Tanto Amore from Italy , Philippines, USA

10563 hours ago
Dutchsinse FAQ: This stream is showing the past 48 hours of Globally reported earthquakes from dozens of agencies from around the world. No voice in this vi...

ISS Personal Controll Tower (PCT) ISS HDEV x2 + Crew to Ground Audio and Life support Information.

294 hours ago
Welcome to this live stream, because I love space and believe the Earth is NOT FLAT, I watched ISS quite a while. Because I love space I even setup my own Personal Control Tower (PCT). I have dec...

Acer Spin 7 Review

1904 hours ago
Acer's Spin 7 is one the better of 2-in-1 we've seen. Michael Passingham (Twitter: @mrpassingham) gives us the run down on the thin & fanless laptop. Enjoy the video? Like, Share & Subscribe :) R...

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Unboxing & Giveaway - My Opinions

628725 hours ago
Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 ke baare mein baat ki hai, yeh phone aaj India mein Xiaomi ne launch kiya hai, aur maine ek chota sa giveaway contest bhi rakha hai Re...

Eachine Falcon 120 Tiny FPV Racer LOS Flight and FPV Freestyle

4405 hours ago
Eachine Falcon 120 is the Newest FPV Racer from Eachine. It is Tiny in size but it packs a powerful performance inside its tiny frame. Eachine Falcon 120 is available in RTF or PNP Versions having ...

Starry night sky Livecam ★★★ 星空夜景天体観測ライブカメラ

675 hours ago
Bookmark Here) LIVE URL USTREAM(Mirror) (NEWS) Quadrantids Meteor shower 2017 しぶんぎ座流星群ライブ総集編★★★ (NEWS) Qua...

8 Hidden Android Features You Probably Don't Know About

4335 hours ago
We've found 8 little tricks and hidden features in Android that you might not know about! ************************************************************** What’s MakeUseOf? Technology, simplified. ...

2017 Redmi Note 4 Product Launch Event (Livestream)

3882476 hours ago
19 January 2017 : Today we announced that Redmi Note 4 has arrived in India! Our latest Redmi device comes with a Snapdragon 625 processor which incorporates 14nm FinFET tech + 4100 mAh battery wit...

Will AI be the next killer smartphone feature?

54676 hours ago
Is the future of smartphones in AI? Article:

Let's #OutsmartEpidemics

2676 hours ago
The next epidemic could start anywhere, reach anyone, and wipe out millions. But together we can #OutsmartEpidemics. Please like, comment and share this video to help spread the word. Find out more...

Switch! - This is Only a Test 383 - 1/19/17

12516 hours ago
Kishore and Jeremy are joined by Steve Lin to discuss the Nintendo Switch announcements, Google's custom security chips, newfangled technological doctor's offices, and Steve's epic trip to Japan. A...

ISS Personal Controll Tower (PCT) ISS HDEV x2 + Crew to Ground Audio and Life support Information.

336 hours ago
Welcome to this live stream, because I love space and believe the Earth is NOT FLAT, I watched ISS quite a while. Because I love space I even setup my own Personal Control Tower (PCT). I have dec...

Patrizia Paterlini-Bréchot : "Le test Iset permet de détecter la présence du cancer dans le sang"

1896 hours ago
« Tuer le cancer », c’est l’objectif de Patrizia Paterlini-Bréchot. Elle a mis au point un test sanguin capable de diagnostiquer précocement le cancer.

Samsung Galaxy S8 ad leaks, LG-Google smartwatch & more - Pocketnow Daily

164607 hours ago
Stories: - Entry-level Surface Pro 4 keyboard bundle discounted to $700 ($300 off) at Best Buy - AT&T shuts down...

Live AM Amateur Ham Radio W2PHL

97 hours ago
A live stream from New York City showcasing amplitude modulation in the Amateur Radio service. Captured on a Flex-1500.

ТС "Цыркуль". Ще - Свет Четверти. Топ № 6.

22235 minutes ago
Результативные СвоЙства Вещества. Завершэнiе оформленiя высшэй Меры IНформацыи. Переход КОЛичества в КАЧЕство!!! Адэкватность Продольной и Поперечной Волны!!! 30 Витязей и 60 Единиц Iзмеренiя Iстин...

This Week in Google 388: A Doctor in Industry

1958 hours ago
Jeff Jarvis' report from the World Economic Forum in Davos. Artificial intelligences of the future. Google smartwatch with Android Wear 2.0 to launch February 9th. The most common passwords of 2016...

1/18/2017 -- Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- Italy struck by large EQ -- 48hr watch zones

40148 hours ago
Dutchsinse FAQ: This stream is showing the past 48 hours of Globally reported earthquakes from dozens of agencies from around the world. No voice in this vi...


849 hours ago
平成29年01月19日開催、第7回放射性同位元素使用施設等の規制に関する検討チームを公開いたします。 ■開催概要 開催概要、議題、配布資料等は以下のリンクからご覧ください。 ----- 原子力規制委員会ホームページ htt...

SMB Multichannel: How It Works & Troubleshooting Guide

659810 hours ago
FULL ARTICLE: This video probably isn't super interesting if you aren't having trouble with SMB Multichannel. You...

NexDock Laptop, Android One in U.S., Gaben confirms (not) Half-Life 3

2515511 hours ago
Sorry guys, you know we had to use that thumbnail. The NexDock is now compatible with the Intel Compute Card; Google announces plans to launch Android One in the U.S., Valve boss Gabe Newell confir...

CPCR Live Ep 1 - AMD Ryzen, HyperX RGB LED, Seagate Layoffs, NZXT Puck, and more!

18111 hours ago
In this livestream, we talk about AMD Ryzen, HyperX RGB LED RAM, Seagate Layoffs, NZXT Puck! Join our forums! Ryzen to Launch at GDC: Hy...

NAMM 2017: New Modules From Qu-bit Electronix

134411 hours ago
Subscribe to Sonicstate on YouTube for new content! Watch Sonicstate's Exclusive Series: Sonic LAB: Meet The Makers: Sonic...

Taras Kul Knife - Fan Mail Unboxing

7128611 hours ago
FAN MAIL: CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKER P.O. Box 49 Waynesville, NC 28786 the painting fox - Before the Bridge Fine Art - M...

ASK AN ENGINEER - LIVE electronics video show! 1/18/17 @adafruit #adafruit

109012 hours ago
What is “Ask an engineer”? From the electronics enthusiast to the professional community – “Ask an Engineer” has a little bit of everything for everyone. If you’re a beginner, or a seasoned enginee...

World's First Pocket Drone

6579412 hours ago
This $50 drone is the World’s First Pocketable Drone like the DJI Mavic Pro! ➽Get Subscribed & Join the TFAM! ➽➽ LAST VID ► Fixing The Biggest Problem with Apple Airpods...

Will the iPhone 8 Scan Your Face? (TB News)

1618413 hours ago
More iPhone Rumors: Apple's upcoming iPhone will apparently feature a 5.8-inch wraparound OLED display along with a laser sensor for facial recognition. ...

Palantir HQ protest over Muslim registry fear

61413 hours ago
Silicon Valley is no stranger to protests against tech companies. But it’s unusual when the tech workers themselves protest tech. Such was the case this morning in front of Palantir headquarters in...

No Hands Parking Challenge!

2417013 hours ago
We spent some time with Ford at the LA Auto show and checked out some of the cool car tech and features in Ford's line-up! We got our hands on a Ford Fusion and ended up putting it through the No H...

Calier Internacional Elige Oracle Sales Cloud

513 hours ago
Conozca el testimonio de César Blanco, Gerente General de Calier Internacional de Colombia. Después de evaluar a SAP Business ONE y Microsoft, Calier Internacional elige Oracle Sales Cloud.

Pruebas estadísticas más frecuentes en investigación

80513 hours ago
SUSCRIBETE (Es GRATIS!!) → Facebook → Twitter → Este enlace es para participar en el program...

Banco Davivienda Adquiere Oracle Marketing Cloud

813 hours ago
Conozca el testimonio de Carlos Torres, Director de Mercadeo y Publicidad de Banco Davivienda Colombia. El Banco adquirió Oracle Marketing Cloud. La facilidad en la adopción, utilización y  operaci...

SHOW-AND-TELL Google+ LIVE Hangout! 1/18/17 @adafruit #adafruit

61413 hours ago 1) Add +Adafruit Industries to your circles 2) Post a message/comment HERE and say you want to show off a project and we will add you the “Show and Tell” circle. ...

Windows Weekly Beer of the Week: Thanks Obama

22013 hours ago
WW is a family show, so we try to avoid politics. But this Winter Rye IPA from Surly brewing just HAD to be beer pick of the week: (hat tip: @TechnoSquid) Full episode can be seen at https://twit.t...

A Very Small, But Very Bright Light

40214 hours ago
Father Robert, SJ spoke with Nick Smoot of Rohinni. Rohinni is leading the charge in the development of micro-LED technology. For the full episode, visit

New for 2017: CZ P-10 C

3268114 hours ago

Earthquake 3D Live

84614 hours ago
I stream Earthquake 3D live while Dutch is down. STREAM RULES: I do not ask for much, but since troublemakers are starting to arise, I have to set down the laws. They are below. THE FOLLOWING WILL...

Toy Modding: Energy Sword NeoPixel Upgrade

92514 hours ago
In this project, we're upgrading the Halo Energy Sword (by Mattel) with lots of NeoPixel LED! We'll tear it down and find how what's inside. LINKS below! Full tutorial learning guide: https://lea...

Tip of the week: Turn Off Web-Based Skype Notifications

21114 hours ago
Microsoft has fixed the inability to disable Skype notification sounds in its websites, and in doing so, they may have just saved our sanity as well. Full episode available at

SpaceX, What lies ahead for SpaceX in 2017

102214 hours ago
SpaceX, What lies ahead for SpaceX in 2017 2016 for was a rather good year for SpaceX, some would argue the opposite is the case with September Launch explosion the casing point. However, we le...

4 Telling Signs That Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Help You

166914 hours ago
Event Is Coming Soon - 4 Telling Signs That Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Help You. Sometimes your spirit guide whispers a word, conjuring a thought and idea, while other times it screams throu...