Physicist : Quantum Computers Exploiting Parallel Universes

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Published on September 12, 2017
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John Sefick: I appreciate what John's trying to do...check him out.
@ 07:23 CHOWN:
David Deutsch:

Quantum Tunneling Parallel Universes at Chaco Canyon...The Truth about Quantum Computers exploiting Parallel Universes to access copies of itself in parallel dimensions...Have we been conquered by other dimensional A.I? Are we too late? Proof we live in Parallel Universe.

David Deutsch's newest theory: Constructor Theory is a new approach to formulating fundamental laws in physics. Instead of describing the world in terms of trajectories, initial conditions and dynamical laws, in constructor theory laws are about which physical transformations are possible and which are impossible, and why. This powerful switch has the potential to bring all sorts of interesting fields, currently regarded as inherently approximative, into fundamental physics. These include the theories of information, knowledge, thermodynamics, and life Quantum Tunneling DAVID DEUTSCH

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