Social Repose - Chemistry (Visualizer)

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Published on October 11, 2017
Uploaded By: Social Repose

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you're perfect the way you are
but lets cover up those scars
purple and blue seem to fit you
but lets try out a grayscale hue
your sickness makes you think less in a paniced state
fill the hole with chemicals before it's to late
dont worry theres no hurry one more a side effect
it'll make you feel like new
but is this really you?

sometimes I get depressed
when all the colors bleed togeher needing to ingest
a little pill to make me feel numb
oh what a mess my chemistry has become

now now, now now thats no way to be
it really has nothing to do with what you see in the mirror
your mind is your shadow
your shadow is me
I'll deseive your hopes and dreams
and patch those unbalanced genes

don't fight it, invite it
inside of your head
let it change all your marks
from when you wish you were dead
I'd rather you be alive in a hospital bed
but is it really living when you hang by a thread
there's always that sense of dread because

treating daylight like an anphetamines
having trouble finding an inbetween
My balance is a little bit broken
I'm just trying to stay alive
but all I ever ask is who am I?

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