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Published on September 12, 2017
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Born in Panama to a French mother and an American father, both of Greek origin, multicultural environments were nature to multilingual Marie.
Marketeer by studies, mother by design, broker by mistake, event manager by chance, commercial director by longest stay in a professional sector, entrepreneur by multiple endeavors, construction manager by surprise, fundraiser by all means: Career detours by the dozen, awkwardly difficult to explain during job interviews.
Hopping between sectors and positions provided happy pretenses for new inspiration and learnings. Dabbling in different fields deepens your understanding: A sequence of disparate positions, irrelevant sectors and fragmented occupations, all apparently incoherent and aimless. Collecting experiences and skills as colorful stones, she created a defined, substantial mosaic, holding the position of Fundraising Director at PRAKSIS, major Greek NGO.
She dreams in Spanish and counts in French, and sticks to her father’s advice “To be happy, learn to love what you do instead of trying to do what you love”. There are no stepping stones to a career: titles nor positions ensure happiness, but the sole feeling of pride once you excel in what you do.
Marie is a passionate dreamer by night and a vigorous doer by day, in that order.
Carrying a vast professional experience, Marie Halaka currently holds the position of Fundraising Director and Strategic CSR Development at PRAKSIS, major Greek NGO. Through excellent collaboration with bilateral funders for a variety of humanitarian interventions, including the JPMChase Foundation, the SNF, ICMC, IMC, the US Embassy, as well as corporate international key players (Roche, J&J, P&G, Mondelez, Philip Morris International, Inditex, Citibank, VISA, among others) she has mastered bridging of synergies to integrate innovative practices. She has also conducted a multitude of lectures on CSR, FR, and grass root NGOs capacity building (ALBA University, Citibank Leadership team, Patients Organizations, Higgs, among other). She has organized fundraising events such as the « Philellenes Hollywood Gala » in Los Angeles.
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