Advanced Ancient Technology That Still Baffles Scientists Today

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Published on August 06, 2017
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From around the world, out of place objects have been discovered over the past 200 years that clearly originate from highly advanced civilisations. There are obviously manmade construction tecniques from ancient times that are manufactured to an incredibly high degree of sophistication. Without doubt, this lost civilization was in possession of highly advanced ancient technology that mankind is only just rediscovering.

With the destruction of the ancient libraries of Alexandria and China, the only remaining records of the very ancient past are to be found in India and Tibet. They speak of a golden age when men could fly in fantastic craft that could defy gravity. What happened to these fabulous civilisations? It appears that they we obliterated from the face of the earth in a series of environmental catastrophes. Such was the ferocity and scope of the destruction that virtually nothing remained. But as shown above, evidence has been coming to light. As this evidence slowly accumulates, it is becoming increasingly clear that man has had a far more glorious past than the one that has been painted by modern archaeology.