What is Bravest Warriors?! - Know Your Show! (Ep.1)

426639 months ago

Published on January 11, 2017
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Bravest Who!? Bravest Warriors! You might have seen Catbug around, but do you know all of the Bravest Warriors? Chris, Danny, Beth and Wallow are some of the bravest kids out there as they save the universe with their emotions and trusty sticker pets! Developed and created by Pen Ward, the creator of Adventure Time and produced by Frederator Studios, Bravest Warriors is the animated series you just might be missing out on!

Check out Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Bravest Warriors now on VRV!

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Research: Nicholas Fung
Writer: Nicholas Fung, Nahreen Tazi
Host: Nicholas Fung
Edit: Nicholas Fung
Graphics: Lauren Emory

Music from Bravest Warriors
"Butter Lettuce" - Score by Tim Kiefer
"The Bunless" Score by Anthony Davis, Dustin Pilkington
"RoboChris" Score By Drew Neumann

Bravest Warriors Theme Song By Peter Berkman, Jon Baken
Best Fwends - Little Song

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