Conference 'Nation States or Member States? Reimagining the European Union' - 10 October

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Published on October 11, 2017
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The second day of the conference Nation States or Member States? Reimagining the European Union focuses on three topics that are of key importance for the future of Europe. First, leading experts such as Cas Mudde, Stefan Lehne and others look at the causes and implications of the rise of populist, anti-EU parties in many European countries in recent years. Second, Guntram B. Wolff from the think tank Bruegel, Martin Sandbu from the Financial Times and others examine the prospects of the eurozone and discusse deeper challenges to the liberal economy and free trade. Thirdly, the final panel addresses the future of the EU’s relations with the UK, Turkey and Ukraine. The conference ends with a keynote speech on the EU in a turbulent world by Anne Deighton, who is Emerit Professor at the University of Oxford.