NYC Subway HD 60fps RARE: Kawasaki R160B Siemens 8888 SMS Test Train in The Rockaways (1/11/17)

249238 months ago

Published on January 11, 2017
Uploaded By: Fan Railer

Shot 1/11/17. This set of R160B2s recently received the Scheduled Maintenance System (SMS) treatment which includes refurbished propulsion equipment, including, but not limited to, new gearboxes (which are date stamped to 1/9/17) and new third rail shoe mounts. As part of standard procedure, the cars are transferred to Pitkin Yard for testing out on the Broad Channel test track, after which, they are returned to their yard of origin for acceptance back into the revenue pool fleet. Enjoy =)

Clips shot @ 88th Street, Rockaway Boulevard, and Broad Channel. The clip at Broad Channel is uncut, about 8 minutes long, and shows you the full process of the train pulling out of the test track and into the station, then awaiting the line-up to reverse back towards Pitkin Yard.

This set being transferred to Pitkin the night before (shot by DJ Hammers):