Social Repose - Mother

249446 days ago

Published on October 11, 2017
Uploaded By: Social Repose

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mother mother
bet you wish I was a daughter, no bother
ink stains on the counter, out there
clean me up with some bleach

mother mother
place me under your cover, undiscovered
away from the others, others
paint over my marks/face

cause your soul had died
in my dream last night
I wasen't looking for a fight
clean me up and say goodnight,
say goodnight

I want the drugs to kick in
to numb your indecision
Let your years just sinks in
fade away say goodnight

my motivation
has run dry

Ive destroyed most things Ive touched
doesn't mean you didn't love me that much
I saw you clutch your filthy hands
when you said goodnight
said goodnight

mother mother
Im looking more like my father, father
everyday try to recover, cover
blur me out once again

mother mother
I wish you didnt even bother, bother
I got nothing left to offer, offer
I could have been a betterson

still birth
a blind mess
I came in untouched

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