Humongous wild boar dubbed 'PIGZILLA' caught rummaging through bins 'just a few feet from primary

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Published on February 13, 2018
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A humongous wild boar dubbed 'Pigzilla' has been caught eating out of bins 'just a few feet from a primary school.'

Parents spotted the giant beast chowing down on some rubbish as they walked their kids to school in Hong Kong.

People have reacted in horror at the sighting, as boars can be incredibly dangerous - with razor sharp teeth and a huge amount of power in their front legs.

The short clip shows the animal with three of its little ones, who all seem to patiently wait at her trotters while she gets them a meal.

She is seen grabbing at a rubbish bag with her teeth as she balances her feet on the edge of the rubbish bin.