7 Inventions You Need to See to Believe #2

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Published on November 27, 2015
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7 Inventions You Need to See to Believe #02

01-ShiftWear: http://www.shiftwear.com
02- Tiny Arcade: http://www.Tiny-Circuits.com
03- The Right Cup: http://www.therightcup.com
04- CAST : http://www.castbygenii.com
05- TrackR atlas : http://www.thetrackr.com
06- Microbot Push: http://www.ismartalarm.com
07- PowerUp FPV: http://www.brightlightventures.com

01-ShiftWear: Customize your kicks
The most adaptable shoes you'll ever own, customized straight from your smartphone.
02- Tiny Arcade – A Retro Tiny Playable Game Cabinet
Tiny Arcade lets you relive the golden age of video games with an arcade cabinet that fits in the palm of your hand.
03- The Right Cup: Trick Your Brain, Drink More Water!
The fruit flavored cup that tricks the brain into thinking your plain water is flavored.
04- CAST: The world's first interactive social TV
CAST is a home entertainment hub that seamlessly connects all of your devices and livestreams entertainment to your friends and family.
05- TrackR atlas - Effortless Organization
TrackR atlas maps out your home and pinpoints where lost items are located.
06- Spot - The coolest smart home camera EVER
The only camera that hears smoke alarms & can recap a day in seconds with easy flexible installation
07- Zafirro. The $100,000 Sapphire Blade Razor...Now $199
A pure, white sapphire blade razor. Sharper than any other blade on the planet (80 atoms at the tip) and more than 100x as durable.