WORST Vehicles for The Zombie Apocalypse !

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Published on September 12, 2017
Uploaded By: American Eye

Every decision you make during the zombie apocalypse can be crucial. From hybrid smart cars, to cars that offer little to no protection, here are the Worst Vehicles for the Zombie Apocalypse

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6. Golf Carts
Golf carts have their ups and downs. They’re quite small, easy to maneuver and can carry anywhere from 2-4 people most of the time. They’re not really meant for the challenge of going offroad and they can easily flip over in many cases. You’re likely to go airborne if you come across some type hilly terrain. Some golf carts can reach speeds of about 14 miles an hour which makes them only slightly faster than running as fast you can.

5. Fire Truck
Chances are you probably don’t have access to a fire truck, but if you do, leave it behind! It’s not a good choice for surviving the zombie apocalypse. It’s about the size of a school bus but it lacks any cargo space for much needed supplies. Buses can at least carry you and your crew to your next destination. The fire truck takes up all that space with hoses, pipes and other fire fighting equipment. If anything, just consider looting it for it’s supplies of water, axes, first aid gear, fire extinguishers etc before trying to get into the driver seat. Chances are you probably won’t even know how to drive this thing anyways! It might not be properly built for an escape but you can maybe consider hosing down some of the zombies if you find yourself in a desperate situation. The hoses exert a large amount of force, but then again, it’ll only temporarily knock down the zombie and destroy it.

4. Tesla Model S
This Tesla model S is about half the price of other super cars and can reach 0-60 in just the same just under at 2.27 seconds! However the biggest setback is that it uses a 100 Kwh lithium-ion battery. For 71,300 dollars, this Tesla can surprisingly race side to side with some of the fastest cars out there. it doesn’t give off those engine sounds which would be a plus but electric cars just aren’t a great choice for the zombie apocalypse! Lithium ion batteries can break and even electrocute the occupants of vehicles. In the zombie apocalypse, you just have to expect a little bit of collision every now and there have been cases of these batteries violently exploding. The little cells in these ion batteries can cause a chain reaction and can certainly trigger an explosion. If you’re somehow able to harness the battery for some type of anti zombie weapon, go for it, but be extremely careful. Even if you manage to completely avoid collision, don’t expect to find too many tesla charging stations ready to charge your car. Electric cars should just be considered one time only vehicle since the battery will eventually die.

3. Limos
People might want to believe that limos could be a good choice for the zombie apocalypse but unless you’re driving the one our president has, you don’t stand a chance. The basic design of a limo makes it difficult to maneuver and the fuel economy is simply dreadful. Slow to accelerate, and with high maintenance required, outside of its capability to drive a lot of people at once, these vehicles are rather useless for escaping zombies or relentless raiders. It could maybe be used effectively if you have to construct a road block or if you can sell it to a rich person who doesn’t know how to prepare for the apocalypse. These things will last maybe 3 minutes off road before becoming stuck in a pit of mud somewhere.

2. Convertibles
While being able to take the top off a car might be useful for deploying attacks on zombies, at the same time they can definitely have their setbacks. You’re definitely more exposed to the environments and it’s easier for you to get attacked by zombies. They’re not often meant for bumpy terrain and you might end up like this guy who got stuck on a speed bump. Most convertibles are luxury vehicles anyways, which we’ve discussed don’t make the best zombie apocalypse vehicles. Not only can the retractable top take up a lot of cargo space but it can also be made out of very weak material that won’t deflect too many weapon attacks.

1.Go Carts
Probably your worst choice for the zombie apocalypse, is the go cart. It’s understandable that go carts are fun to get around on but it’s not going to be a good choice for the zombie apocalypse! First of all, they’re not fast enough to escape hordes of the undead. Although they may be quite maneuverable, they’re pretty loud and will certainly attract zombies to your location. A zombie will be triggered by the noise and lock onto your location. Second of all, being put at such a low vantage point will leave you vulnerable to either getting ran over or severe injury when striking a zombie. Although if you’re a skilled driver, you might be able to weave your way through traffic but this also seems risky