Sneak Peek Preview of Caillou's Missing Cat Gilbert

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Published on January 12, 2017
Uploaded By: African Vulture

This is going to be an adventurous story sequel of my first ungrounded video of Caillou that I originally made 2 years ago. It was called "Caillou Sets Gilbert Free and gets Ungrounded. After Caillou was forced to set Gilbert off free in order to get ungrounded, Caillou really missed Gilbert so much and wanted him back. Caillou felt that it is wrong to lose a friend like Gilbert in order to stop being grounded. It is up him and his friends and hopefully his family would help to help bring Gilbert back home safely.


Dreamlike Kevin MacLeod (
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TTS voice cast:
David as Caillou
Eric as Boris and Leo
Julie as Doris