INSANE SCIENCE Behind FATS - How Much Fat Should YOU Consume Everyday? BeerBiceps Diet

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Published on October 12, 2017
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What's good you guys? Today's video is a detailed breakdown on the science behind fats! We're talking saturated fats and unsaturated fats, trans fats, good fats vs bad fats, And above all - how much fat should you be consuming everyday?
Fat is one of those diet science topics thats VERY misunderstood. So if your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, muscle building, the perfect diet, healthy eating, fat loss, ANY of these, THIS is the diet science video for you. We're breaking down EVERYTHING about fatty acids - Which fat is good? Which fat is bad, HOW MUCH FAT SHOULD I EAT and even WHICH fats you should eat every day! Hope you like today's SCIENCE THE SHIT OUT OF IT VIDEO! How much fat per day? Click play to know!

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