Chidiya Ghar - चिड़िया घर - Episode 110 - 11th January 2017

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Published on January 11, 2017
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Episode 110 :
Ghotak has struck a deal with Shailesh to buy a new music system for half of its original price by exchanging it for an old music system. However, the old music system at Ghotak's house has been sent out to repair and the only instrument that is available for exchange is Kesari Narayan's gramophone. So the brothers and their wives decide to distract Kesari Narayan's attention and exchange the gramophone for the new music system. After much effort, they manage to get Kesari Narayan leave the living room and get hold of the gramophone. How will Kesari Narayan react when he comes to know about the fate of his beloved gramophone? Find out!

About Chidiya Ghar :
Kesari Narayan, a retired principal, named his house Chidiya Ghar as an homage to his beloved wife, Chidiya Narayan. Apart from Kesari Narayan, Chidiya Ghar is home to his two sons, Gomukh and Ghotak, and their wives, Mayuri and Koel; grandchildren Gillu and Gaj; daughter Maina; and son-in-law, Tota. Strange as the names may sound, it is even more baffling as we come to know that these individuals actually personify the animals they are named after. Watch these amusing characters evolve with each passing day in this hilarious show.

Cast :
Rajendra Gupta - Kesari Narayan
Paresh Ganatra - Ghotak Kesari Narayan
Shilpa Shinde - Koyal Ghotak Narayan
Sumit Arora - Gomukh Kesari Narayan
Debina Bonnerjee - Mayuri Gomukh Narayan
Saraansh Verma - Kapi Kesari Narayan
Trishikha Ashish Tripathi - Chuhiya Kapi Narayan
Jitu Shivhare - Gadha Prasad

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