Shelby - Lizzie in "Let's Annoy Mama"

28424 months ago

Published on October 13, 2017
Uploaded By: BrookIvy3

It is the right of every child, of every species, to annoy the snot out of their mama. It is equally the right of every mama ever to thump their kid and say "Like heck you do!" Lizzie is still learning that "no means no", and UNlearning that LOUD works, so it sounds pretty vicious, but watch how she approaches mama again - both attitude and speed. She is unafraid and itching for more, which she wouldn't be at all if Shelby were hurting her. Nor would it take her twenty two minutes to buy the clue. ;)

Shelby (estimated 2 years old) was abandoned just prior to giving birth to her previous litter who are now around three months old. A good Samaritan noticed her and kept her fed while she took care of her kittens. When the kittens were older, they trapped Shelby & her kittens, taking them to the Everett Animal Shelter and from there she came to Purrfect Pals. She and several of her kittens were placed in a foster home until it was time for their spay & neuters. At Shelby's spay appointment, it was realized that she was pregnant and plans were set in motion to transfer her into John's care.

Surprise kitten born on the way home from the vet, 3pm August 29th 2017. Drawing winner #2 chose the name Lizzie, for the Tin Lizzie Model T. Prior only live kitten born at 10:38am, August 25th 2017. The winner of the naming draw liked the temporary name Sparky, so that is now her formal name - Sparkplug/Sparky. Unfortunately, Sparky faded, and passed the evening of the 29th at four days old. One empty sack and two nonviable premature babies born before Sparky. They have been named Phantom, Nova, and Skylark. Spay and neuter, people. It's the only way to keep this from happening.

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