iOS 7.0 Beta Overview and Comparison to Final Build | TheiDeviceArchive

4 hours ago
Sorry for not uploading in a while. I am back and in this video we will be comparing the second developer beta of iOS 7.0 to the final build of iOS 7.0. This will show us how far iOS 7 has come t...

SSCAIT Report 78: Recommendations Day

7 hours ago
Check out the SSCAIT web: Support us on Patreon: Watch Live stream on Twitch: SSCAIT is organized by the Gam...

RED Hydrogen One hands-on

9 hours ago
The Hydrogen One is a modular Android phone with aspirations to be so much more. RED wants you to attach DSLR lenses, look at holograms, and attach it to its incredible 4K cameras. It’s no wonder i...

Peugeot Traveler

11 hours ago
Toto je skutočná kancelária na kolesách a to za výhodnú cenu. Viac o tomto vozidle na tejto adrese:

How FaceTime for iOS 12 could become the most important app on iPhone

12 hours ago
SPONSOR: Go to to craft your professional website today! FaceTime feels pretty much the same today as it did when it launched in 2010. Compare that to all the new feat...

Nurses Week 2018

13 hours ago
When David Roper needed a kidney, the nurses of Hartford HealthCare were by his side the entire time.

(2018/5/20) Naihanchi-dachi training of Okinawa-Kenpo

13 hours ago
The basic training of Okinawa-kenpo Karate-do []. Naihanchi-dachi Training. The former is wrong, and the latter is good.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Extreme Cooling

13 hours ago
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ cooling solutions -- from a small heat sink and a 30mm fan, to a 40mm Noctua fan and a large heat sink! See how the idle and load temperatures of a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus can...

مراجعة هاتف HTC Desire 12 Plus : هاتف ممتاز في الفئة الاقتصادية

15 hours ago
هاتف HTC Desire 12 Plus عالج معظم المشاكل التي واجهتني مع هاتف HTC Desire 12، وهو ما يجعله منافس قوي في الفئة السعرية الاقتصادية، وأحد أفضل الهواتف التي قامت HTC بإطلاقها في هذه الفئة، فإذا كنت تبح...

Predicció general per diumenge 20-05-2018 tarda: Pocs canvis amb respecte ahir.

16 hours ago
Fins dimarts s'esperen matins amb més estones de sol i tardes amb creixement de nuvolades i tronades freqüents a zones de l'interior. A partir de llavors, temps més estable i temperatura a l'alça.

Bioblitz Linné 11:40

16 hours ago
Finalen! Hur många arter kommer vi att få in? Hur ser det ut med de andra bioblitzarna i landet, hur många arter har de fått in? Vilka är de mest spännande arter vi hittat?

5 Budget Apple AirPods Alternatives Tested: Are They Worth Buying?

16 hours ago
Around two years ago, Apple introduced the world to a new and exciting category of truly wireless earphones with its AirPods. Since the release of the AirPods, the market has exploded with similar ...

Amazon Go התנסות ראשונה אמזון גו

18 hours ago
ההתנסות הראשונה שלנו באמזון גו, חנות בלי קופות ובלי קופאים בסיאטל

Waterproof Compact Camera Roundup 2018 (Olympus TG-5, Nikon W300, Fujifilm XP130, Panasonic TS7/FT7)

19 hours ago
This week on DPReview TV, Chris and Jordan prepare for the summer holiday season by putting several popular waterproof cameras to the test, including the Olympus TG-5, Nikon W300, and Fujifilm XP13...


20 hours ago

[기사+] 피아니스트 유키 구라모토 인터뷰

21 hours ago
· 동아일보 네이버 포스트 · 동아일보 페이스북 · 동아일보 인스타그램 · 동아일보 카카오스토리 https://story.kakao....

Blockchain Festival Vietnam Trailer - The New Era Starts Here. Join us from 24 -25 May!

22 hours ago
Join us from May 24 to 25 at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the inaugural Blockchain Festival presented by Huobi Pro! Featuring over 51 Blockchain industry experts and thought leaders such as Jeffr...

Staples Easy Button Custom Audio Conversion

23 hours ago
Links to the mentioned forum/other things. Module part number is WTV020-SD-16P, sourced from ebay. Arduino forum with pinout and misc info: SD f...

DOCUMENTALES - La búsqueda de vida en el espacio,DOCUMENTAL 2018,discovery,documentales 2018

23 hours ago
DOCUMENTALES - La búsqueda de vida en el espacio,DOCUMENTAL 2018,discovery,documentales 2018 Viajamos desde las profundidades del Océano Pacífico hasta los confines del espacio en una búsqueda par...

[기사+] 구본무 LG그룹 회장, 취임부터 주요 기록

23 hours ago
· 동아일보 네이버 포스트 · 동아일보 페이스북 · 동아일보 인스타그램 · 동아일보 카카오스토리 https://story.kakao...

外環 千葉区間 6月開通 開通前に現場従事者の熱い思いを

1 day ago

Bioblitz Linné 21:15

1 day ago
Nu går solen ner, har vi fått syn på någon bäver?

Rothschild Banking Dynasty getting into Crypto - Coinbase Applies for Federal Banking License

1 day ago
Get the Ledger Nano S to Safely store your Cryptocurrency! - Website - Follow on Facebook -


1 day ago
DOCUMENTALES 2018 - D La estafa China - DOCUMENTAL 2018,DOCUMENTALES De los productores de Enron, los tipos que engañaron américa llega una historia de estafa de Wall Street sobre un crimen financ...

OMG Vim Simple Align

1 day ago

بهمّة شبابنا، يستمر تطوّرنا | أقواس

1 day ago
تبغي تبدأ مشروعك التقني؟ في أقواس نهندس لك جميع متطلباتك بأعلى جودة. بهمّة شبابنا، يستمر تطوّرنا تعرفوا على جميع منتجات وخدمات شبابنا على #لا_يوقف --------------------...

Η Αφρικανική Σκόνη και οι Επιπτώσεις της

1 day ago
Μία παραγωγή του Εθνικού Αστεροσκοπείου Αθηνών -


1 day ago
★後半は→ プロ画家に学ぶ、インスタ映えする盛り付けテクニック ・味まで変わる!盛り付けで料理をランクアップさせるには ・食事の満足度が激増!画家直伝「インスタ映え盛り」 ・ユニクロでのライブペイントなど国内外問わず活躍中の画家いくらさんをゲストに迎えます! Ikura Marie 公式サイト→http://m...

Fast boat ride in the 1000 islands

1 day ago
Being on a boat that's moving through the water, it's so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what's important and what's not. James Taylor


1 day ago
★後半は→ これが解けたらApple採用!?一流企業の採用試験と着眼点の解説! 毎週土曜日21時より放送のナゾトキチャンネルでは、 日常会話・ビジネス・将来設計・学問など様々な場面で必要とされる 「考える力=問題解決能力」を鍛えることを目的に、様々な難問を出題します。 ただしどの問題でも、特別な知識は不要...


1 day ago
【にじさんじ公式】 今回の放送では外部放送のため、スーパチャットの禁止させていただきます。

Juno and The New Jupiter What Have We Learned So Far

1 day ago
Original air date: Tuesday, May 17 at 7 p.m. PT (10 p.m. ET, 0200 UTC) Juno is a solar-powered spacecraft which has been orbiting Jupiter since July 4, 2016. For a few hours every 53 days, Juno pa...

Nieuwe blues voor Holland Amerika Lijn

1 day ago
Op het jubileumfeest voor de 145-jarige Holland Amerika Lijn, schonken Cruise Port Rotterdam en Havenbedrijf Rotterdam de van origine Rotterdamse rederij een blues. Het muziekstuk is geschreven doo...

In the Future, Broken Devices Could Heal Themselves

1 day ago
Scientists are working on technology that could one day lead to self-healing devices. Here’s how it works. There’s a Microscopic Robot On This Penny That's Built to Go Inside You - https://youtu...

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Crappy Video Audio Fix (Open Camera Settings)

1 day ago
As an owner of both Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S i couldn`t ignore the bad audio on the default Miui camera app. So here is a fix using Open Camera App. In my Greek review i included some...

EOSYS Meetup Live from Seoul, South Korea

1 day ago
Special event! Live stream of the huge EOS meetup hosted by EOSYS in SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA. Kev from EOS Go is a keynote speaker along with Devin from KOREOS and 10+ BP candidates from around the worl...

Science : la question des origines (Etienne KLEIN) - TenL#62

1 day ago
Parmi toutes les questions que pose la science, celle des origines revient sans cesse : origine du cosmos, de la vie, de l'humanité, du temps... Nous ferons une petite rétrospection de ces question...

A Newly Discovered Solar System Object Hints at Hidden Planet Nine

1 day ago
Astronomers found a strange dwarf world that provides even more evidence that a giant planet is lurking at the edge of our solar system. There might be a large planet lurking somewhere at the very...

Postserver Business (DE)

1 day ago
Sie benötigen garantierten Empfang und Datenschutz - Weshalb E-Mail keine Alternative ist? Entdecken Sie die Postserver Business-Lösung.

Tierra: La película de nuestro planeta HD - 1080p

1 day ago
Increíble película sobre el planeta Tierra en HD-1080p. Los autores de la pelí­cula "Deep Blue" emprenden un fascinante viaje por la Tierra, de norte a sur y a lo largo de las cuatro estaciones, pa...

女子トークと恋愛の心理学@Cチャンネルの生放送をニコ生してみた の前半無料→

1 day ago
動画の続きは→ ・Cチャンネルにゲストで呼ばれることになったのでその様子を勝手にニコ生します ・女子目線からの恋愛トークなどをもとに恋愛の心理学を解説 ・デートにおすすめなファッションや色彩の心理学も解説する予定 その他の心理学動画は→

Мини газовая горелка - резак / Как сделать своими руками ?

1 day ago
************************************************************ Приветствую Вас на моём канале Roman Ursu, где Вы научитесь делать самоделки, новогодние поделки, подарки, игрушки, пугалки к Хэллоуину,...

💧Система автоматического полива растений своими руками

1 day ago
Сегодня мы будем делать крутую многоканальную систему автоматического полива растений! ★ Бесплатная регистрация на онлайн-марафон: ▼ Страница проекта (ссылки, схемы, инструк...

Google Makes YouTube MORE Confusing!! - WAN Show May.18 2018

1 day ago
Madrinas: Head over to and use offer code LINUS to get 50% off Madrinas Coffee products! The first 50 people who use code LINUS will also get a FREE 6 pack of C...


1 day ago

Bitcoin DARK POOLS ?!

1 day ago
There is an inherent issue with ICOs that we're going to discuss today, PornHub starts accepting Verge, banks in Phillipines show cases, Jennifer Aniston crypto scam.