Radio Spots: Storytelling Mobilizes Kenyan Voters to Head to the Polls

253 months ago

Published on February 13, 2018
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In addition to traditional voter education, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems' “Kenya Electoral Assistance Program” (KEAP) used creative ways to educate the public ahead of the August 2017 general elections. Creative content was developed for TV and digital ads, radio spots, posters, street theater, puppetry, spoken word, photography, dance and personalized conversations. The creative content was based on data-driven insights that informed how the communication was structured, who the messenger was and what types of messages motivated people to vote.

KEAP found creative ways to engage the captive matatu audience by producing a one-hour long radio mix and five radio spots, not to compete with the matatu culture, but to complement it. We hired one of the most popular DJs to mix the radio spots together within a popular music set. The radio spots did not spend 60 seconds spewing facts about voter education, rather it told a story using peer voices and contexts. The mix was distributed to Ghetto Radio (a popular radio station for matatus and the target audience) and to over 15,000 matatus.