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Published on September 13, 2017
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I have been receiving emails from MGTOW men of all ages over the past few weeks, anywhere from age 14 to 65. Men of all ages are waking up to gynocentrism and are looking to better their lives before slogging through the system.

Today I am going to focus on an email I received from a high school MGTOW brother and advice that can be given to not just MGTOW men in high school but MGTOW men of any age looking to redirect their lives regardless of their current environmental restraints.

Hi Sunrise! I'm a second year high school student living in a rural Canadian community. I took the red pill about half a year ago. Since then, I've fallen out of love with my girlfriend, gotten better grades, started working on my own business, and my life has generally improved. Ironically, I get hit on by more girls than ever. I just can't take their bullshit anymore.

It's very hard to swallow the red pill in high school. Everyday I'm surrounded by young women, and blue pill friends. Channels like yours help keep me sane. Thank-you!

I'd like to know, what are your thoughts on a high school MGTOW? Any advice?

Bro, you are way ahead of the game. Keep riding this train and it's going to take you great places. You realize that if you play out the red pill lifestyle in high school you have years of your life saved up for use towards making money and improving your life, that men all around the world don't have? You have an advantage, time, that they don't have. And keep doing it!

Opt out of dating and you save yourself an average of $20,000. You've got a $20,000 bill in your pocket as you go about the halls of your high school. This is just scratching the surface.

My ultimate advice though is that in high school, you're not yet expected to have it all together. You have time right now my man. I'm 23 and I'm still in that "it's okay to try things out" stage. That means, you have at least six more years to learn something really valuable...a skill, a language, a talent of some sort, keep that business going. And if you just put a few hours in each week, or more, you will hit what is called the 10,000 hours concept. To become an expert in something it's shown that you need to invest 10,000 hours. If you can get your 10,000 hours in by at least my age, you will be able to leverage yourself in so many ways to make money and retire early.